Thank you, yaeltex!

Dear people at yaeltex,

for nearly one year i’ve been using my custom yaeltex controllers „baker“ and „kiste“. From day 1 on it felt absolutely natural to integrate them into my setup…doing mainly live music it is very important for me to have a visual orientation on my controllers so having the ability to colour code them the way i like it is essential…the built quality is amazing and the pads are awesome…switching channels on and off is like playing an instrument now which is super nice…i’ve always had problems with controllers that have different layers because i couldn’t see where i „am“ within my setup, but not with my yaeltex controllers…switching banks while still knowing on which bank/layer i’m on is now the new „normal“ so i’ve programmed up to 5 different banks…what i want to say is:
Thank you, yaeltex!!!

Here’s a video of me + my friend doing a live session…for the last 10+ years i’m doing electronic freestyle music with him, for more than one year we stream on twitch every saturday…the controller on my left hand side („baker“) is for mixing and gain staging, with „kiste“ on my right hand side i controll the busses, master out, as well as various plugins…have fun! (there’s a close look at the controllers around the 2 minute mark)


Thank you @bbaker so much for your kind words!

We’re thrilled to hear that your controller improved your workflow, as that is what we strive for, to get you guys working better and enjoying your jams and live sets more.

Thanks for the video!
We always love seeing your creations in action, so feel free to share whenever you want more of these!
There is even a topic for this in particular :smiley:

Keep up the good work!

Oh man, what a nice message. Thanks for taking the time to share your joy :smiley:

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