0.16 firmware double function pot

Hi, I love the new feature to send 2 ccs by turning a pot left or right.

It would be great if the scaling of the pot could be programmed to have a little “dead zone” in the 12 o’clock position so that when zeroing out a pot, you have a good chance of actually getting it to zero! Otherwise, I think it will always be sending a value to one cc or the other?

Many thanks

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Hi @matt!

Absolutely agree with you.

It’s a good idea and I’d make it optional as well.

Split mode w/dead zone
Split mode w/o dead zone.

What do you think?


yeah perfect :slight_smile: thank you!!

Hi @matt!

splitMode-w-dead-zone.bin (85.1 KB)

This firmware has the first try for this feature.

I leave it here and when you’re able to test it, I’m happy to receive your feedback on how you feel it.

You won’t have to configure anything, if you are already using the Split mode, those analogs will have the dead zone (will be a different option in the final release)