0.16 firmware issue with remember state?

Hi, Love 0.16! But… I can seem to get the dump on wake stuff to work well with analogs, but not with digitals. I have the “remember state” option checked, but I cant get the digitals to dump at startup in the same way that the analogs do. Any ideas?
In fact, when I have this option checked, the button digitals seem to bahvae oddly at startup. Like, they power up in a different state to how it was powered off.
But either way, the digitals dont seem to dump on startup… :frowning :frowning:
thank you!

Hi @matt!

The Remember state feature will save the controller’s state every 10 seconds, so maybe if you saw it power off in between saves, it will not remember the last changes.

I re-tested the Dump feature and I see the digitals dumping correctly.

Just to check, did you have both features enabled?

If you have both enabled, the dump should include digitals.

Please let me have more information so I can help you sort out why it is not working for you!
Can you please attach your current non-working ytx file?