1 Button and 1 Encoder is a lot dimmer than the rest

Looking to get some insight as to how I can trouble shoot this.
Bank A > 2nd Row > 4th Encoder = the LED ring is super dim but if I change the color to something lighter than the LED is normal. But the encoder has no issue with dim color on other banks.
Bank A > Bottom Row 4th Button (the bigger rectangular ones) Same dimness when pressed but on the other banks with the same exact color there is no dimness to the button. The button has the same exact settings as the other buttons. This is very strange and started happening recently. Any insight would be greatly appreciated !! Thanks

Hello @ericgma!

I see on your configurations that you are using the Value to Intensity feature on channel 15 for both components

Maybe these components are being initialized with some value other than 127 for this feature that is setting them a lot dimmer than the other banks?

Try disabling this feature for both and see if something changes

Awesome this worked! I’ll have to look into this to see why it’s being initialized that low.

Thank you!