Ableton Control Script issue

I used Control Surface Studio to make a control script for ableton for launching clips and using the volume fader, however the problem I have is when I have the control surface script enabled in ableton then my 4 x4 arcade buttons don’t play or respond to input on a drum machine in ableton. (even though I have the midi in and out settings checked in ableton midi settings.) If i disable the control script then the arcade buttons work as expected.

Welcome to the forum @tony.ciovacco!

If it’s working fine when the script is unselected It might be that the script somehow is “including” the arcade buttons.

Try to:

  • Review how the buttons are configured/affected by the script.

  • Change the midi channel of the arcade buttons to a channel not used by the script.

Are the arcade buttons being used in the script in any way? Like inside shifters o banks?

I haven’t used Control Surface Studio in a while, I am sorry I can’t be of more help with how the app works.