Bank select problem

Im having a problem with Bank Select.

At the moment, I have 2 buttons assigned to swap between 2 banks. However, the feedback colour for the bank always seems to overwrite any scripting you have going on, which I think is incorrect.

For example, I have 4 other buttons as part of a script, and they use “color from value” to assign an LED colour to the button when something happens in Live.

However, when I have these same buttons as part of a bank, the feedback colors no longer seem to work as they are being over-riden by the feedback color of the bank. Hope that makes sesne?

i think there should be a way to have bank select WITHOUT any modification to feedback color?

Or maybe I’m doing something else wrong…?

thank you!

Actually… maybe what Im also asking is…
Maybe theres a way to EXCLUDE some of the controls from bank changes?
that would be super useful for me :slight_smile:

Hello @matt!

Let me see if I’m understanding the problem. I think I didn’t fully get it, but I’ll give it a shot:

If you set an encoder switch or a digital control to be a bank shifter, it can only perform this action.
The feedback for the shifters for now will not be external, and it will show a bright color if the bank is active, and a dimmed color if it’s not.

If the problem is with other controls that are not assigned to shift banks, and what you want is for the controls to stay the same color, and control the same parameter in 2 different banks, then a possible solution is to configure the same message in both banks and set the same color in the configuration for both banks.
You can individually override the “Bank color”, setting the color in the Feedback configuration of each control/card.

This way, when the script sends a message to light this button ON, you will see it ON in both banks with the same color.

For example: A button sending NOTE 36 /CH 0 in bank 0 and bank 1. But most of bank 0 is blue and most of bank 1 is orange, then you can change the color for this button in bank 1 to blue so it will be blue in both banks.
When a NOTE 36 / CH 0 is received, it will update in both banks and you will find it ON with color blue when you swap banks.

Hopefully this makes sense. Let me know if there’s something I’m still missing from your concern.


you know what… I feel like a fool!
Im pretty sure when I tried this yesterday it didnt work. But I did it today and it works fine.
Sorry,… must have been user error at my end :wink: