Batch editing / copying value

Hello there !
I’m starting to setup my controllers.
Having 4 of them with 48 cards on each, I wanted to know if there was any way to copy all parameter’s value from one card to another
Or even better, to edit in batch while having multiple cards selected, with the availbility to increment each value with a given number (for ex, having 16 cards selected, when I enter CC1 in the 1st card of the selection, card #2 becomes CC2 and so on)

Thanks in advance !

Hello @urk and welcome to the forum!

You have the ability to multi-select cards of the same type (type meaning the card’s colour) and batch edit them.

There is no auto-increment feature yet, but if you load the default configuration, the rotary encoders and analogs are auto-incremented as CC messages, and the encoder switches and rubber buttoned are auto-incremented as NOTE messages.

Hope this helps!