Best way to get started?


I designed and ordered my first Yaeltex! I’m very excited to learn how to map my controller. I’m seeking guidance or tips as to how to best prepare to map my controller to Ableton. Is there a sequence folks would recommend? ex) navigate Kilowatt; read manual; read web links? Thank you for your support! -Vincent

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Hey @vincemarquezlcsw, welcome to the forum!

As your controller is closer to being shipped, let me share some resources and tips to start planning your setup.

As you mention you will use it with Ableton, I suggest you consider making a Remote Script for it. Many people start by mapping the controller manually first so they can test different mappings and then move to a script. If you know exactly how will you use it, maybe you can script it right away. This has to be done once you have your controller with you, but maybe you can start checking at the Universal Remote Script tool we developed for this :point_down:

I might be biased :sweat_smile: but I think working with Kilowhat is pretty much straightforward. Anyways, reading the manual first can give you a clear idea of all the different configuration possibilities you will have available once you plug your controller into KWT.

Sometimes, making a rough digital/hand drawing of the different functions of the components of the controller can also help you clarify its mapping/functions and save you some time in the setup.

What are your plans with the controller?