Bitwig? Can't get feedback to work

Has anyone gotten feedback working in Bitwig?

I’ve been able to map with the Bitwig Generic controller, the DrivenByMoss Flexi controller, the TomsMultiBi controller and even made a simple one with Bitwig’s Help interface but I have not gotten feedback to work in any of them.

A search for Bitwig here returned zero results so I’m wondering if I am the first to try. Thanks in advance for any help!

Also, feedback works in Reaper and Live, just not Bitwig, so far.

Hey @manymanyhaha

I’m not an expert in Bitwig at all, but I did a fast test using the Generic flexi and i’m not getting feedback either,
I spoofed on Bitwig’s output and its not sending any messages to the controller, I guess thats the problem.

Definitely not an expert either, just exploring options. Bitwig has some interesting features but setting up a controller is quite difficult, almost prohibitively so.

I’m seeking help in the KVR Bitwig forum, will see where that goes, thanks.

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Hey @manymanyhaha
Did you find the solution?

Thanks for inquiring!

No, didn’t really pursue it. Went back to setting up Ableton but Ableton isn’t capable of doing what I am aiming for (it was crapping out) so now I am on GigPerformer which, so far, seems to be doing what I ask.

May try Bitwig again at some point, just like to see what my options are

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