Blinking/Flashing LEDS

Howdy Folks,

Just wondering if there is anything more to add to this discussion at this stage - I am trying to achieve a flashing effect on the my Yaeltex controller. So far I have an LFO on the Master channel, I have this mapped to a Macro and I am outputting this info as velocity data to the ‘Value to Intensity’ channel.

The problem with this is its kinda clumsy and also takes up a lot of CPU. I know some other controllers have a blinking/flashing functionality in built on other channels and I loosely recall reading somewhere on this forum that it might be implemented in the future?

Is this something I can look forward to or do I need to find another work around?


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Hey Ross!

We don’t currently have an internal “blinking mode” for our button feedback, but as you mention it would be a cheaper way to do it resource-wise. Recieving a massive amount of MIDI messages to do it might cause some message loss or misfunction.

I moved this topic to the Feature Requests category. Is not the first time it comes to the conversation and I’m optimistic we will include it, but probably not in the short term. Let’s see if @francoytx has something else to say here.