Bug Report: Factory - Encoders #

I’m encountering a consistent bug in the Factory. When adding the 7th & 8th encoders to my controller, the reported # of encoders goes up to 9, one more than allowed. Unable to have exactly 8 encoders on the unit because of this.

I’ve seen other similar bugs where the number goes up and removing the items does not subtract the item from the tally.

I’m on iPad OS 14 with Safari browser. Using external “smart keyboard” with trackpad. In case that makes a difference.

I should add, this seems to be an issue on only the “Large” box, I think.

Hello @oysterhead! The Factory beta web app is currently supported and tested only for computer browsers. You might find several bugs since we haven’t developed it to work on iOS/Android. We will probably work on this in the future. I would suggest using a computer for better performance.

No worries. I’m a developer and understand beta, figured I’d file the report though. Other than the occasional tally issue, I’d say the Factory works extremely well on latest iPadOS.

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