Button feedback

i have a problem with button feedback. Basically i cannot make ableton to update the buttons.
For example: Midi note values can be recorded but when the recorded midi clip is sent back to the controller the button leds dont light up.
Same is for midi parameter mapping.
The Led on Knobs are working as expected.

I tried to load up the default config and it works. I made the same settings for the buttons as in the default template but without sucess:( I attach the controller file OP6.ytx (939.7 KB)

Hey @linden
Check if your midi preferences look like this:
Screen Shot 2022-07-07 at 13.03.17
(MOSTRA is the one to look at)

The config for the buttons in Kilowhat should look like this:

Then start with something simple, try to map a MUTE button and see if that works.

If I misunderstand you, please feel free to clarify.
Let me know how it goes.