Can we get background templates with grids on them?

Can we get templates for each size that show the placement grid the way it looks in build mode? it’d be very handy for visually separating out blocks of functionality? thank you!

Hello Mike!

I’m attaching a .ai file with all front panel sizes and their respective grids for reference.

Are you working in a custom layout for a controller? Just in case you missed it, you can also download the Template reference vector design from the Background menu in the Appearance mode of The Factory.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

v2 design reference (with grids).ai (1.4 MB)

The downloadable templates have been helpful, thanks! but the grid will let me be more precise in blocking out different sets of controls with different colors.

I downloaded the .ai file and see the outlines for the three sizes but no grids. I only have GIMP though so I might be missing something.

The file I shared has the grids as Illustrator Guides. I’m attaching it with normal lines instead and in both SVG and AI files. They have Dimensions and Guides layers. [v2 design reference (with grids).ai|attachment] I strongly suggest to design in a vector based software. Inkscape should work with the SVG :slight_smile:

(upload:// (1.0 MB) v2 design reference (with grids)
v2 design reference (with grids)