Compiling custom firmware potential issue

I tried to compile the firmware with Arduino IDE on Linux but I got this error:

Bootloader file specified but missing: /home/lucian303/Desktop/ytx-controller/hardware/yaeltex/samd/bootloaders/zero\samd21_sam_ba.bin

I noticed the backslash which should be a forward slash on linux. So I changed the backslash to a forward slash in boards.txt and it compiled. But now I get this message (along w/ the .bin and other compiled files):

open /home/lucian303/Desktop/ytx-controller/hardware/yaeltex/samd/bootloaders/zero/samd21_sam_ba.hex: no such file or directory

Is this a problem or can I try to load the .bin file that was output with the firmware loader?

Also, is there a firmware loader or instructions for Linux or does loading the firmware only work on Win/Mac? Is there source for it that I could compile for Linux perhaps?

Hello @lucian!

The Firmware Manager for now is only available for WIndows and Mac.

We’ll try to make a Linux executable for you, otherwise we’ll give you access to the source code.

I’ll come back soon.

In the meantime, try using with the windows executable file!

Let us know if this works!

Here is a link to the old firmware tool that lets you upload only MAIN or AUX files ->

Your compiled firwmare would need to be uploaded using the MAIN option.

@francoytx Thanks. I’ll give it a shot with wine and if not, I can try a VM. I have a windows machine too in case all else fails. Do you think the error about the hex file is any concern or should it be fine to load the compiled .bin file?

open /home/lucian303/Desktop/ytx-controller/hardware/yaeltex/samd/bootloaders/zero/samd21_sam_ba.hex: no such file or directory

You don’t need the HEX file!

And also the path has “bootloaders” in it, you are not compiling bootloaders.
Maybe it is looking for a bootloader to include it in the compiled binary, I will take a look and try to remove the warning.

The output binary file should be in the same folder that the .ino files