Configure Kilowhat before hardware arrival

Is it possible to start configuring Kilowhat before receiving my custom controller? Team Yaeltex is in the process of constructing my future beauty. In the meantime, I am wondering if there is any way to start configuring my Kilowhat settings while I wait to receive the unit.

If not, I’ll stick with pen and paper for now.


I wonder the same thing. While it can be tricky to provide the correct controller configuration, a default .ytx file from one of the store’s controller models could be great to start playing with Kilowhat!

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Like @Hiys correctly guessed, it’s tricky to provide you with the exact controller’s configuration since they haven’t been assembled yet.
Also, it’d be very hard to tell which card corresponds to which specific control.

We’ll take note of this to see if we can figure a way out to achieve what you ask.
For now, you can load this file into Kilowhat to start getting used to it:
ExamplControl.ytx (10.5 KB)

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Thank you for the thoughts and example, @francoytx !

One idea, is that once a user submits a hardware design from Factory for purchase, that a .ytx file can be downloaded at that time for pre-configuration. Something like that.

For now, I will use your file to get more comfortable with Kilowhat and capture my thoughts “on paper” for my controller design.

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