Creating account/pw issues

Just some feedback on the account creation process. Admin(s), you might want to try visiting the site and creating a new account from scratch with cookies cleared on a fresh browser. Over the past couple days I’ve had a horrible time trying to get my account setup to interact with the site, from the main site, to the “Factory” to the “Forum”… at this point I’m not sure if they are actually a unified login or multiple logins. Finally reset the password to the same thing for all sections of the site (I think) and perhaps it’s finally working.
Using iPad browser on latest iPadOS 14. The iOS/safari password manager treats sub domains as separate logins, this could be part of the issue? Not sure, but figured I’d at least post some feedback here. I wouldn’t want a minor thing like account setup become something that turns away a potential customer. (I sure won’t let it stop me… I’m working on a controller layout and hope to order in time for the March shipment!)

Thanks for the feedback @oysterhead

Right now, you need 2 different accounts for our spaces

  1. One for The Factory

  2. Another one for (store and checkout) and this forum.

We know the current account setup might be confusing. We are looking forward to have a single-sign-on option for all the sites soon. Don’t let it stop you! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks. It might be helpful just to put a note on the page when signing up that the “Factory” account is different from the “Store/Forum” account. What happened with me is I didn’t realize the difference and each time I entered a new password, it would overwrite the only entry in my browser for the password. Then switching between the sites (unknowingly) the password wouldn’t work. Took me a few rounds to figure it out.

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That could work! I took note. Thanks for the suggestion