Custom dimensions (both boxes and control elements)

Working on designing a custom controller right now in the Factory and had some questions about the available options. Didn’t see it addressed in the FAQ or Forum, so here goes:

Is there any possibility of getting a custom controller with different dimensions than currently available in the Factory? Picking numbers out of a hat here, but something like a 4x16 layout as an example. ***I’d even be interested if it were just a custom faceplate with all the associated hardware but doesn’t need to be a complete “box”. I’m looking to build a custom synth so the full controller box might not be necessary.

Second, are there plans to add other options on “Element” component sizes? For example, rather than a 1x4 set of buttons or encoders, how about just 1x1 or 1x2?

Lastly, can you tell me the actual size of the grid layout? I see the dimensions of the controller box options, but what is the actual sizing of the grid? I’d like to measure a suitable “blank space” where I might install a screen.

Hello @oysterhead, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The only available options right now are the ones you see at The Factory’s first page. New case sizes is not a short term priority in our list but of course it’s interesting to think about different building options we might consider it depending on the demand. We are now focused on fully-built models and not taking special projects (meaning out of the framework). You can send me an email to mat(at) to check your project in more depth and see if something is possible.

Yes, we plan to add more element types and sizes to the ones available at The Factory. This takes some development time, but the system is designed to grow and to offer new design possibilities. Smaller encoders and buttons are on the list.

Grid size is 35x35mm

Wow, thanks for the quick and thorough response. This is a tremendous help in planning my project.

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