Driver that makes controlling multiple Programms simultaneously possible

Hey Folks,

Is there a firmware/driver out there that makes it possible to control multiple Programms simultaneously on the windows platform?

I think this is the most underrated feature that is missing for yaeltex controllers.


I know right? It’d be awesome, but sadly it’s a limitation for all MIDI controllers under Windows OS.

But hey, there is a way though!

I tried it and for MIDI inputs it works like a charm.

I have to try a bit more to figure out to make both (or a single) program send the MIDI back to the controller for feedback update, but there has to be a way.

I’ll keep you posted!

I tried several methods including the loop midi Programm. But the important midi output for led feedback is missing.

It is possible to run a midi device on several Programms simultaneously on windows, see for example the Allen and heath xone k2. You can create a driver for this task that makes this possible