Dump controller's state when wanted

Hi there,

I’m using my controller to control different hardware gear (Digitakt, Digitone, Zoia).
I ran into issues that makes it really hard to transition, here is a simple example:

I have one of the pots mapped to filter frequency on the digitone. When I change sound on the digitone, the saved filter frequency gets loaded and I have to turn the pot a little bit to update the sound’s frequency and have both value synced.

Multiply this issue by 9 sometimes and transitioning and/or changing sounds becomes (almost) impossible.

Would it be possible to add a “DUMP STATE” button feature so that all pots’ state gets dumped for easy state matching.
Or maybe another function that would fix this ?

Cheers. David

Hello @david.bagatta!

Yes we know that syncing with Hardware is a THING.

We actually do have a DUMP STATE feature, but only works at the start of the controller.

How would you like to see it implemented “when wanted”?
Would you assign this feature to a button?

Hi @francoytx, thanks for the reply !

I actually considered using the “dump at start” up to sync up again.
I’ve given a thought about how it could be implemented. I guess the ideal way for me would be to assign a group of several controls (pots, button, faders …) to a button. And when that button is pressed the corresponding cc’s would be sent again.

You could add the option “all” to select the whole board.

The way to select the group of controls could be clicking on the corresponding card or in a drop-down menu. I’m not sure it’s compatible with the current kilowhat configuration but maybe in the desktop version ?