Encoder Channels?


I’ve setup my encoder so that un toggled it sends on ch 1/parameter 1 and toggled on ch 2/parameter 1.

But when I try to MIDI Map them, Ableton seems to pick up the encoder on CH1 always.

This seems to occur with the encoder set to toggle or momentary.

Am I misunderstanding? I would think I should be able to send the same CC on different channels?

E.g.: this is the MFT MIDI Mapping


I think I did a dumb, I think I needed to set it on “Encoder Switch”

Glad you sorted it out!

So the hierarchy is Encoder Switch -> Mode: Shift Rotary Action -> Settings for the shifted rotary action and feedback

In the last level you set your encoder to send and receive on the same channel.

One tip: If you set the outgoing channel/parameter/port/message, its feedback updates with them. If you only change these in the feedback section, it’ll only update the feedback.

And now a bug: if you set the midi channel with your keyboard, the feedback gets +1.
Set it from the list and it’ll copy it all right.

It’s listed to be fixed ASAP.

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