Encoder clicks - one at a time?

Im trying to setup the encoders to browse tree and files in Traktor… but I cant get it to work well.
I feel like I need a mode where one “clicked turn” of the encoder translates to one line of files, so each time the encoder clicks round I move down the browser by one line. Does anyone know if this is possible? I experimented with all sorts of different speeds and accelerations on both the Kilowhat side and the Traktor side, but no luck yet

Many thanks


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Hello @matt!

For this you need to use the Relative modes of the encoders

Try the following options in the Controller Manager of Traktor, with the Binary offset feature in the controller.

If it doesn’t work properly, you can try the other options on the controller, but I think that was the right match. Can’t test now, we’re taking some days off, but let me know if you can make it work!

oh brilliant! thats the one ! Many thanks!