Encoder feedback pivot + Value to color


From my observations, when an encoder is configured in Pivot Mode and Fixed Color, the middle value (63/64) is the inverse color on the color wheel of the configured color.
For example, if I set the encoder to Fixed Color red, the central value will be green.

However, in Value to Color mode, the color for the central value remains the same as previously configured in Fixed Color.
If I now set the encoder to Value to Color, the central color of the pivot will remain green regardless of the value sent on channel 16.

It looks like a small trick to configure the color of the center of the pivot therefore I imagine that the small bug that I observe relates to a case which was not foreseen:

Indeed, when I send a CC on channel 16, for example 70 to pass the encoder in blue color, the encoder passes in blue color even if its state is central (63/64) whereas it should have remained green.
For the central color to change back to green, you must send a CC value other than 63/64 and then send the central value (63/64) again.
It’s not a major bug but it brings a bit of confusion because I have the impression that the pivot is not well in the center when it changes color while its value has not changed.

I hope to have been clear,


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Hello @Hiys !


Just tested and found the same behaviour, totally a bug and an edge case not foreseen, like you said

Gonna try some solutions, might take the opposite of the color wheel of the last color selected via MIDI

If you have any ideas let me know, and thanks for reporting it and describing it in a detailed manner!


I think that for the sake of uniformity the pivot should have the same behavior in fixed color and value to color mode, i.e. take the inverse of the color wheel with respect to the current color of the encoder.

Too bad for the trick allowing you to configure the central color, which could eventually be a separate feature but which could bring a lot of configuration complexity if you decide to apply the same possibilities as for the color of the encoder (Fixed color/Value to Color) for little added value.