Encoder LEDs Intensity should be variable for in between values

I’m pretty happy with my controller, it has almost replaced my midi fighter twister, but one thing i miss from it is the capability it has when i move smoothly one encoder and the leds on the led ring start varying their intensity at the same time i increase or decreasse the encoder. The Yaeltex changes abruptly from minimum to maximum light intensity from led to led, it has no in between values.
This would improve the visual impact of the vumeter and opens a new way to introduce animations for avanced mappings. (Like the midi twister do). Also, would create a more accurate visual feedback for the led ring and the actual value it’s representing.

For example, i use midi translator an blue cat dp meter pro vst (it has a midi value output for the signal level) to transform the midi twister in a 16 channel mixer with visual feedback for cubase, in The led ring intensity reflects the level of the channel on real time (like one led status for a channel in an analog mixer) glowing with the signal, and the led ring position reflects the fader position. Also, the switch led starts pulsing for 2 seconds when the 0db level is crossed.

Hi @james.nutrainers!

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Yes, this is a feature we definitely want. We have some limitations for the moment that make it a compromise feature, meaning that if we implement it, some controllers might not work alright, but it’s first on the list for when we sort these hardware limitations out.

Part of the beauty and challenges of our development is to make software that works not only for one controller model but for all the possibilities that exist and are allowed by our Factory.
This is extremely complex, and fun hahah

But rest assured is something we also want to have :wink: