Encoder Looping Endlessly

Hi gang, I’m not sure if this feature already exists, maybe I just haven’t understood how to do it…
I’m using my controller for visuals and i have a few encoders mapped to Hue Rotation. From 0-127 the colours go from red through orange, green, blue, purple, back to red again.
I like to use the full circle of my encoder to go through all the subtle colours along the range, which I can already do.
However, when I get to the red at 127 CC the only way to get to orange again is by going back down through all the colours from purple to blue, green etc.
Is there any way to have the encoder continue the loop from 0-127 and then back to 0 again with my encoder feedback showing my position on the colour range accordingly?
So i want the encoder to loop round in an endless full circle from CC 127 to CC 0,1,2,3 etc, or from CC 3,2,1,0 to CC 127,126, etc…
It seems like a simple thing, is there a simple way to do that already?
I couldn’t find a clear explanation in the Kilowhat manual what the different relative encoder modes are…
I don’t want to do it with the double click option because i want to be able to do it both ways.
Thanks for your help!
Suzybee :slight_smile:

Hello @suzybee!

Sorry the manual didn’t help, but you guessed it right, the Relative encoder feature will help you achieve what you need.

In Kilowhat, set the corresponding encoder to Relative Binary Offset mode (Rotary Behaviour section) and send the configuration to the controller

Then follow what’s shown in the GIF to set Resolume to receive a relative knob, and to loop back to 0 after it reached 1. You can also set how many steps you want to have between 0 and 1.

That should be it, I tested it and it works like a charm :slight_smile:

This site has more info on Relative modes for Resolume Shortcuts

Test it and let me know if you need more help!

Hey Francoytx, yay!! thankyou so much for that! :grin:
I’d tried the Loop option in Resolume but had my Yaeltex controller set to absolute so it hadn’t worked - and i’d tried the Binary Offset option on the encoder, but with the Resolume controller set to Absolute! So near and yet so far, but I was just guessing and unsure of the meaning of the Binary Offset so I was never going to work that out.
Thanks so much for explaining for me.
You’re a star :star:
Blessings, Suzybee :smile_cat:


Wonderful :sunglasses:

The relative modes of the encoders work by informing if the encoders are moving left or right with each message, and how fast they are moving.

Binary offset is just a name for this mode, that means that the +1 or -1 (or +X or -X) are given by the “offset” to a certain value, in this case 64, of the CC message.

Thanks for explaining. I’ll feel more confident using that now, in conjunction with setting the controller message in Resolume to Relative.
It was helpful to see the video too.
I think the explanation in the manual was a little too brief for me, it helps to have things described in layman’s terms!
Suzybee :smile_cat: