Encoder mapping

Does anyone know how or have a link for programming 2 messages with the encoder knob? The Yaeltex tutorial video
didn’t get into enough detail for me :pensive:
I’m trying to slice a loop with the looper in ableton. Turn knob left to slice a beat down and turn right to
Ty bring back to initial loop time

Hi @djanthony.nj81 and welcome to the forum!

If you need to send two different messages to map to different features in Ableton you could use the Shift Rotary Action feature for the encoder switch. This way pressing (holding or toggling) the encoder switch will make the rotation send two different messages that you can choose.

Another way could be using the relative modes of the rotary encoder and a Max for Live script that detects rotation to the left and right and maps both to the ableton features you need.

There isn’t for the moment a “Split mode” for encoders, that does different things turning left or right.

Let me know your thoughts!