Exporting value to color mapping

Hi, would it be possible to get an exported table of the current value-to-color mapping? The Mixxx DJ Software can set hotcue colors on a controller by matching as closely as it can with the support color palette, but for that I need a copy of the palette.

It sounds like you’re planning to add custom palettes in the future, but this would be really helpful for now.

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I think you mean the hex list of colors?

If so, here it is :slight_smile:

In the future, we want this list to be configurable in Kilowhat, that’s right :slight_smile: maybe not long from now

perfect, thanks! A followup question: Are there any plans to set LED brightness over midi? From looking over the code it seems that this is only done via low-intensity mode or if the button is a shifter. I have been trying to use value-to-color to simulate “off / unset / set” states, but the available colors don’t really work well for that. (The encoders already use channel 16 for color information, maybe channel 15 could be abused for brightness?). OR, I would use a custom palette with fewer colors (15 + gray?) but 8 brightness steps.


yes, we have that in mind, like you say, a value to intensity feature for components that have feedback

Apart from this, we also intend to make the channels used for special features (value to color, value to intensity and split mode, for the moment) configurable.

You can use a custom palette recompiling our firmware!

there is a guide for this on this forum :wink:

and someone already did it :wink:

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