Faulty encoders

Hey gang,
i’ve had my controller (“The Badger”) since summer 2021.
I’m really happy with it but at least 3 of the encoders aren’t working properly.
When i turn them the response is so slow that i have to turn them in multiple cycles before they activate the parameter they are set to, and i have to turn them multiple times to get them to go up or down.
It doesn’t seem to matter what speed setting i have them set to in Kilowatt.
There’s 2 encoders in one column and 1 on a different column which are affected. The other encoders in those columns are working as normal.
I think this must be a hardware problem - or is there anything else it could be?
i did buy 2 extra encoder modules when i ordered my controller.
Do i need to replace the encoder modules, and if so how do i do this?
Thanks for your help!
Suzybee :slightly_smiling_face:

PS the encoders were all working normally until recently.

Hello @suzybee!

Sorry to hear that your encoders are not working as expected.

It could be that they got faulty, we can diagnose this and see if they need replacing.

We’ll contact you via email in the next few weeks, since we are on a little vacation until mid January.

Cheers and Happy new year!!

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hey @francoytx
happy new year! :smile:
thanks for your reply, when you’re back to work please let me know if you need me to send you an email or a private message so you have my email address (or maybe you have my email address on file?)
i wish you a peaceful break and look forward to hearing from you soon,
Blessings, Suzybee