Feature: "All off" message, macro messages

I’d love to be able to send my controller a single message that tells it to just put every control into its “off” state. I have an initialize function to do this, but of course it involves sending ~200 midi messages every time. A single message would be much more efficient. The desired message could be set in Kilowhat (e.g. I might set note 127 on channel 2 to be my “all off message”).

I think “all off” is the most common, but it might be nice to allow us to set additional macros in Kilowhat. For example, I might want another macro that turns off only the 128 buttons in my central grid. Maybe even the ability to set them all to a particular color, but I’m not sure that’s actually useful.

Of course, the “rainbow mode” feature we’ve talked about could be another macro.


This is a very good idea @mike!