Feature request: Power Button

Maybe (hopefully?) I won’t be spending a lot of time in Kilowhat long term. And maybe my issues in

are resolvable… :confused:

But, what about leaving devices on? I mean… My keystep doesn’t have a power button so that stays on all the time… and I’m pretty sure my PC doesn’t have a power button… And everything goes through a surge protector… But I put the dust cover on my Push 2 every night when I go to bed and turn it off… and take it off every morning and turn it on. (Since about ~March I’ve been WFH which just so happened to be where my music workstation is… and I would never admit to running my mic through Ableton for all my Zoom meetings… :smiley: the push becomes a really really expensive mute button basically since I have everything dialed in at this point… anyway, this is all entirely irrelevant to the conversation at hand…)

Anyway, that is literally the only… complaint? That’s not the right word… Request? But it’s a bit late… :grin: A physical on/off switch would make me feel better… but maybe there’s a way to like press two buttons, turn a knob, and sing the Amen Break to turn it off…?

For the power button I can only say… sorry :upside_down_face:
It was a hard decision, but it took space we didn’t have on the mainboard.

As a workaround, I can suggest running the controller through a USB hub with a power switch. Not ideal, but if it’s super important to you…

About the controls combination, it could be possible, but it’s not that easy to generalize, as we can’t predict which components (or if at all) will be present in any given controller.
The only way would be a customizable combination per use case.

The idea of the feature requests section is to take the input and influence how we assign dev time. If the feature request has a lot of traction it’s more likely to happen. So let’s see :slight_smile:

I was also thinking about requesting a power button, but I understand the tradeoff.

Yea, if there was some way in Kilowhat to “record” a button combination to trigger a soft reboot that would be super helpful!

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