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I wish there was a way to multi tag posts… This is sort of a feature request, but I’m mostly thinking out loud/brainstorming at the moment… I’m not really requesting anything specific at the moment… So I’m tagging as “General” for now.

Today I’m largely using color as a sort of reference as to what things to what.

Hopefully I get to the point eventually where I’m able to go “that button does this” regardless of color.

And there’s a lot of cool LEDs here! :eyes:

I’m thinking about how cool the “boot sequence” is, and how I want THAT, but I also want more control over it! (And, I don’t think Control Surface Studio is the way to do it either… Not nearly powerful enough)

I’m thinking about ways I can use signals in Ableton to trigger LEDs… Maybe some kind of M4L patch that feeds back to the controller?

I’d want to take MIDI and Audio input… (I wish there was a way to do “returns” for midi… lol) and then somehow turn that into a “light show” on the controller… Make encoders flash different colors, make a wave across the pad…

My initial thought was just taking MIDI, like when I’m triggering a drumrack… or take the drums/melody and use that to light up pads… but maybe there’s a way to use the audio like I do my m4l visualizer… (basically now I want to do THAT but on the LEDs on my controller… :smiley: )


I’ve thought about this a bit. I did a live show a few years ago using a launchpad as my light show, with everything sequenced out from Ableton. it was really fun but painstaking.

in Hachi, I’ve got a simple “drawing” module that lets me draw frames of 8x8 and then will cycle through the frames in sync with the midi clock. of course, I want to be using the buttons to play, so the dream would be to have this going on a second controller. I’ll probably resurrect the idea once I get my Yaeltex working and can dedicate my Launchpad Pro to running animations.

One thought is to be able to channel the midi output from other modules to the visualizer, maybe with some translation, so I can have the drum pattern trigger lights and shapes. it wouldn’t be too hard, just maybe complicated to figure out how to lay it all out for a performance.


I also look at that startup animation and want to be able to send a message to that tells my controller to run a rainbow cycle on a button or something. obviously, I wouldn’t want to have to send all the control messages (and we don’t have the color resolution to do it properly anyway). but a “rainbow” button mode (or, better, a message that can put a button into rainbow mode) would be cool.


Oh man! so many cool ideas! ahahah

Rainbow on demand is sort of near to be available, but for the whole controller, or maybe specific “strips” (there are 2 for encoders if you have over 16, and 2 for digitals if you have over 8 digital modules)

But the rainbow is VERY time consuming, (cause it’s a lot of updates to all the LEDs each time you want to update one).

We’ll set this as a feature request as well and try to come up with a better way to implement the rainbow animation.

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