Firmware version 0.14 released

For this version, you need to update both MAIN and AUX firmwares to your controller:

Firmware MAIN (74.7 KB)

  • Bugfix for encoder priority feature
  • Bugfix for double click not updating shifted rotary values
  • Automatically update new min and max for analog raw values.
  • Bugfix for encoder switch with color range enable function not always updating feedback
  • Bugfix for stucked pixels
  • Burst bank data fixed for digitals
  • Monitor incoming midi messages added to Serial test mode

Firmware AUX (11.1 KB)

  • Fix for stucked pixels
  • Only update strips that changed.
  • Every data that arrives, is treated as a burst of data.
  • Only send SHOW_END if show() actually begins
  • Signal SHOW_END regularly to main.

This post explains how to update your firmware using the desktop loader app