Firmware version 0.15 released

Firmware MAIN (78.7 KB)

  • Improved LED feedback handling, no more missing notes or stuck LEDs.
  • Added handlers to be able to receive MIDI messages: Timecode Quarter Frame, Song Position, Song Select, Tune Request, Clock, Start, Stop, Continue
  • Added Watchdog reset functionality to prevent hangs on OSX start-up.
  • Now encoder relative modes also work for VU CC (before only for CC)
  • Minor fixes to BURST_INIT and BURST_END messages
  • All serial data is received in IRQ
  • Reset to bootloader option added to the Serial test-mode.
  • Turn LEDs off when resetting to bootloader.
  • External and internal feedback are separated, and only waits for more data if external feedback is being received. This fixes the encoder movement that messed up the timing on the feedback update.
  • Encoder color change with same message as configured, on channel 16 (not available yet! needs Kilowhat update)
  • Split mode for analog components (not available yet! needs Kilowhat update)
  • IMPORTANT: To compile this version with Arduino IDE, you need to replace hardware/yaeltex folder for the one on the repo to Documents/Arduino/hardware and add copy Adafruit_SleepyDog folder from libraries folder into Documents/Arduino/libraries

Firmware AUX (11.1 KB)

  • No changes. Match with MAIN

This post explains how to update your firmware using the desktop loader app