Firmware version 0.16 released

This post explains how to update your firmware using the desktop loader app
In this case, you must update BOTH firmware files, MAIN and AUX.

Firmware MAIN

  • New feature: Save controller state in EEPROM and load at startup.
  • New feature: Dump current controller state at startup.
  • New feature: Low Intensity OFF state for digitals and encoder switch feedback.
  • New feature: Encoder ring color change remotely with same message as rotary encoder, on channel 16 (value to color, see table in manual)
  • New feature: Split mode for analogs. Split analog control in half, send regular message on one half and same message on channel 15 on the other half of the component’s travel.
  • IMPORTANT CHANGE: Encoder switch’s feedback and Digital’s feedback now turn on with MAX VALUE and off with MIN VALUE. Live sets might require rework.
  • Solved issue with more than 16 digital modules. Lower SPI Speed in these cases.
  • Improved considerably wake up time for every controller.
  • Pivot mode feedback encoders now start with value 64. Will be improved to “center value” instead of hardcoded 64.
  • Added redirection with USB/MIDI Merge flags for MIDI Start, Clock, Stop, Continue, Tune Request, Song Select, Song Position, TimeCodeQuarterFrame.

Firmware AUX

  • Solved division by zero bug. If number of LEDs was zero, the universe imploded.