[FIXED] Double Click action doesn't work on "Toggled" Encoder


It seems that the double click action doesn’t work on encoders when they have been toggled.

In Kilowhat setup your encoder like this:

Encoder Switch:

  • Switch Mode: Shift Rotary Action
  • Shifted Action for Rotary Encoder Message Type: CC
    Rotary Behavior:
  • Speed: Speed 3 (don’t think it has an affect, but it’s how mine is set)
    Switch Behavior:
  • Double click behavior: “Jump to Center”
  • Switch Mode: Toggle

Steps to reproduce:

  • Toggle encoder once
  • Double click encoder
  • Toggle encoder once more

Expected behavior: Encoder should jump to center.
Observed Behavior: Encoder “jumps to middle” on the “main” channel.

Maybe there’s a reason this behaves in this manner…? And with the switch mode set to momentary I think that makes sense, (holding in then double clicking and ending held in might be an… interesting… move) but I would expect that in toggle mode the “double click behavior” would affect the activated “side” of the encoder.

Hi @qbrd!

Interesting! this looks definitely like a bug!

It is probably a combination of features we didn’t thought of, so yeah, it updates the “normal” value and not the shifted one.

It’s an easy fix i’d guess.

Thanks for the report!

This is going to be fixed in the next firmware release!