[FIXED] Feedback for rotary encoders doesn't update when rotating fast

Sometimes when rotating fast enough, the LED ring won’t update correctly until the next update.

It’s already fixed in version 0.13 of the firmware

Am I crazy, where is the “Firmware Update” button in Kilowhat?

It’s mentioned in the docs here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13jk2V8_aGEV3KC9KqYWe2OicseXhESRUln3eTYHGY6o/edit#heading=h.atjnhc1evc6b

I don’t see how to see my current firmware version/update the firmware?

Hi @qbrd!

You’re not crazy, but the firmware loading for Kilowhat is still under development and testing.

For the moment, we have a desktop tool: How to update firmware for v2 controllers using the desktop loader