[FIXED] Pitch bend doesnt jump back to zero


i noticed that when i use a joystick as pitchbend it jumps back to the midi value 65 ->this detunes the instruments. it should jump back to 64 as default.
is there a way to change it?

Hello @linden!

Can you tell me a bit more of your configuration?

You configured a joystick to send a pitch bend message, and you put MIN value to 0 and MAX value to 127 instead of the usual -8192 and 8191 or 0 to 16383?

Hello Franco

i recognized it actually because my instruments where suddenly detuned.
then i realized when i use the pitched bend on my push it jumped back to normal tuning.
so i checked with a midi monitor and saw that in the midi monitor the last value after using the pitch bend from my push was 64. From my joystick, which is configured as pitchbend -8192 and 8191, the midi monitor shows 65 which explains the detuning. actually i cannot set it to a higher max value than 8191.
i dont fully understand midi ptichbend in terms of values but midi monitor shows values from 0 - 127 although the component of course is configured to -8192 and 8191.

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Pitch bend can be seen as one 14 bit value with a full range of 0 to 16.383 (or -8191 to 8192, it’s just a displacement), or as two 7 bit values, coarse and fine or MSB (most significant byte) and LSB (less significant byte), from 0 to 127.

I guess what you are seeing is the coarse value.

I suggest you use the dead zone feature.

In this post there was an issue related to fast movement and dead zone, which I solved with a custom firmware.

I tried this firmware but it seems for pitch bend it needed a bit of tweaking.

Please try this one and tell me if it works for you: ytx-v2-firmware-0-21-dead-zone-0-fix+pb.bin (111.4 KB)


Thank you. that fixed it!

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