Ignore Folded Tracks [visible tracks only] (Python Scriptor for hire?)

I have a customized script I’ve build the past couple of years using Control Surface Studio that is wonderful for my workflow….except for one issue I’ve never been able to figure out…ignoring folded tracks (basically, I want it to act like the Push 2).

In CSS terms, I use “Highlight Navigation relative to Session Box using modifies.” Any time someone asks about this on the CSS forum, it’s crickets from the CSS team…which indicates to me that if I want to resolve this issue I will probably need to hire someone that can get under the hood and knows python scripting.

Does anyone here have any tips for either how to resolve this, or know someone that is competent in Python that might be able to help (and get paid for it)?

Any tips, knowledge, examples, or contacts are appreciated

Thank you, Neil

Here is my script, if anyone is interested: css_mochte_beta_v7.zip (784.7 KB)

Hey Neil!

We do have someone to get you in contact with.

I’ll send you his information privately after his OK :slight_smile:

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