Impossible to load config in Kilowhat

Hi, I have a problem since a few months, I cannot load any config in Kilowhat, I always get this message : “Could not get device BLOCK 0 to load config”.

Strangeley, I can’t load my config from my Desktop either…
I really don’t understand what’s going on…

I tried all browsers (Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Safari), on my Mac (os 12.5 and os 13), and I updated my Kilomux device with the latest version…

Should I go for some kind of factory reset ? But how ?

Does anyone have an idea of what’s going on ?

Jeremie (from Paris)

Hello @jeremie.scheidler!

Welcome to the Forum!

I am sorry you are having trouble using Kilowhat.

Can you try now? It should work now
If it doesn’t work, please share with me one of your saved files.