Keystroke question and feature request

Hey all! I’ve had my custom controller for several months now and I’m really liking it!

Wondering if I can assign a (apple keystroke) Command + Click? This is to reset a parameter. As of right now, Command is being interpreted as Control which results in a right click.

Can Low Intensity be made lower in the next update or can we assign values ourselves to lower the intensity of the Min Val Behavior?

Oh!! What is Value to Intensity? I’ve read the manual but I can’t seem to get it to do anything.


Oh wait I answered my own question about resetting parameter. Jump the Center!

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Hi @ericgma!

Command key was left out (not voluntarily). It just happened :joy:

Future updates (hopefully soon!) will include it and many other key possibilities

Regarding the “Click” event, this isn’t included yet as a feature, but I’ll add it to the feature request list!

Low intensity has already been reported as not low enough. Here we have an issue with how colors are mixed with LED brightness. Lower brightness makes difficult to display some colors that have low values of on or more R, G and/or B channels.

Value to intensity feature allows you to control the brightness of buttons, encoder switches and encoder rings using messages like CC or NOTE, on a different channel than you configured for your specific component.
Works similarly to value to color (in rotary encoders), or vumeter features.
For example, if a button sends a NOTE #6 on channel 1, and for value to intensity you set the special channel to be 14, then sending a NOTE #6 on channel 14 will make the controller adjust the brightness of this button based on the note’s velocity value.

Hope this answer helps! If you need more details, let me know!