Kilowhat config question

i keep getting this message. what is it?

Screen Shot 2022-06-24 at 3.56.19 PM

also, i have several encoders that stay mapped to the same parameters from bank to bank. how do i make it so the LEDs stay consistent where they are and reflect the current values from bank to bank? when i switch banks the LEDs go out.

Hello @skotterz!

Regarding the first issue, the Kilowhat message, sometimes the app might lose connection with the controller, in these cases, you can reload Kilowhat and it should be solved.
Anyway we’ll check if there is something else going on with your particular case.
Make sure to save your configurations regularly so you don’t loose work :wink:

Regarding the second issue, I think your configuration upgrading process did not go so smooth.
I am checking out your last configuration and I see some trouble on banks 3 and 4, regarding the feedback on the encoders.
This issue might have happened because of skipping STEP 3 on the upgrading process described in the forum post of the firmware release

We will open a support ticket to help you we’ll continue this via email.

thanks. that did the trick. :nerd_face: :+1: