Firmware version 0.20 released


Firwmare v0.20 is the first official release after v0.16, and the biggest update so far. We strongly reccomend you upgrade your controller to this version since it includes many bug fixes found and reported by the community and most importantly, many interesting features. Lots of them have been also implemented on request and with great feedback from users, so thanks!

As always, all the new features available in the Firmware are also implemented in the Kilowhat interface, so you’ll see some changes and improvements around.

Tip #1: If your controller is working great and you have a very important gig soon, upgrade after your gig. The new firmware has been well tested, but shit happens and is a good practice not to make deep changes in your perfectly working setup before an important show.

Tip #2: Save your current Kilowhat configuration to a file in your desktop just in case. If anything goes wrong with your controller, you can always downgrade back to a previous Firmware version.

In order to migrate your current controller’s configuration to the new version, please follow these steps:

  1. Before updating your Firmware, go to Kilowhat, load the controller’s configuration to the web tool, and save it to desktop as backup.
  2. Upgrade firmware to v0.20. The controller won’t start, don’t panic :), it just needs to update configuration.
  3. Go to Kilowhat again, load the configuration from your controller, and without making any changes at all, press the SEND TO DEVICE button.
  4. Reload Kilowhat and load the controller’s configuration again. Now you can save the new configuration.

Your controller won’t work correctly until you complete all steps.

This post explains how to update your firmware using the NEW firmware manager

Download v0.20 firmware here!

We hope you enjoy it!

If you’d need or want to revert to v0.16, here is the unified file to use with the new firmware manager.


  • NEW FEATURE: Optional dead zone in the middle for analogs.
  • NEW FEATURE: Value to intensity. Send MIDI messages on a special feedback channel to modify brightness for each component.
  • NEW FEATURE: Special features channels. Configure on which channel to use the special features Value To color (rotary encoders), vumeter, value to intensity, remote banks, split mode.
  • NEW FEATURE: New options for feedback sources. Choose to have local, MIDI and/or USB feedback on each component. Encoder switches and digitals didn’t have this option and encoder rotary had local feedback always ON by default.
  • NEW: Added 2 more variable speed modes for rotary encoders. Improved and fixed fast speed to be more pot-like.
  • NEW: Support for new module of 100mm faders (F21.100)
  • NEW: Auto-select ON by default in Kilowhat. Scroll to the right card.
  • NEW: Now firmware is a single file combining AUX and MAIN. New firmware manager version for this.
  • Fixed bug with Pitch Bend using MIDI Merge feature
  • Fixed missing dump of encoder’s second function
  • Change banks in Kilowhat when shifting in the controller. Component info messages now send currentBank for Kilowhat to select the right bank.
  • Encoders configured with pivot feedback mode now initialize at center value between MIN and MAX
  • Fix feedback bug for encoder rings when MIN and MAX have a small range
  • Modified some timings of watchdog to prevent restarts.