Labels / Overlays

Does anyone have recommendations on how to label your controllers?

I plan to have a three bank setup on a large case maxed-out Yaeltex unit. Over time I will learn my setup like the back of my hand, but during the initial learning curve, and any time I make significant changes, it would be nice to have an elegant labeling solution.

I have “studio label tape,” but would like to come up with cleaner options.

Does anyone know of an online provider that does laser cut paper and/or laminating? Similar to the drop-on overlay Faderfox offers for their PC12, it would be cool to have something like this made for my custom unit.

Any ideas are welcomed.

I would suggest avoiding pasting and taking off labels compulsively directly to the front panel. Something that came to my mind to reduce possible damage of the original layout would be to paste a first vinyl label in the front panel and then using that as the “base” for regular labeling :slight_smile: also, a white vinyl might work to write/erase with permanent markers and alcohol.

Maybe a laser-cut transparent sheet with “white” zones to directly write with a permanent marker and erase with alcohol could work. The white parts can be painted at the backside of the acetate or even be pasted white labels. I have no experience in laser cutting transparent acetate/vinyl/polycarbonate, but seems possible. I will try to do a test soon and let you know the results.

After some quick research, I found that one of the most recommended materials is LEXAN 8B35 sheets. This custom synth overlay maker uses it. Sadly, they don’t seem to make one-unit production and haven’t find other suppliers for something like this.

I also thought about custom fridge magnets (they have custom shapes and prints). Our front panel is aluminum so it’s not magnetic, but it might be somewhere to look as well.

Note: Avoid using alcohol in the front panel printed surface directly! It should resist but is not recommended for regular use.

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Thank you for the idea. That makes sense.

I have no intention of putting anything sticky on the unit. The overlay idea would be for something that strictly sits on the unit. If I used anything sticky, it would be a “low tack” 3M, like PostIt Notes use.

I’m still nearly in the exploration of this idea.

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