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This is my feature requests for the One For All custom midi controller:

  1. Displaying the rgb color mixing from a software to dedicated their dedicated digital encoders. For example, the red, green, blue and alpha encoders would all display the same color and if I adjust the red encoder, it will adjust all of the other rgb encoders. This would result in a preview for the color of the dedicated software. I can write rules in bome midi translator to make it so one midi output value will send to multiple encoders, but I need kilowatt to have either the correct swatches or the capabilities to adjust color as a value.

Hello again :slight_smile:

I think I don’t fully understand this request, but I’ll give it a try.

You want to adjust color with 4 encoders, one for R, one for G, one for B and one for alpha. All 4 encoders should display in its ring, the color resultant of the adjustment made with the encoders.

In this case this would be necessary to be implemented with each different software separately. I don’t know if difficult to accomplish, but surely tedious and application-specific.

We have a feature for the encoders feedback called Value To Color, which allows you to re-set the encoder ring’s color, with a CC message on channel 16 (the same CC you configured for the encoder). For this you have 128 colors to choose from, which span the Hue and Saturation color space. The next firmware will include a feature calld Value to Intensity which will work similarly and allow you to change the brightness for each ring and button.

If this color table does not suit you, you can use a custom palette recompiling our firmware!

there is a guide for this on this forum :wink:

and someone already did it

So, if you get Bome MIDI translator, to translate the color in your software, to a value between 0 and 127 pointing to the correct color in the table, it sounds like you could achieve your goal, (if my assumptions are correct :grin:)

You correctly understood my question and this is a great response! I think I’ll wait until value to intensity is live to revisit this. I’ll reach out to resolume to see if I can write some custom midi there, but if not I can defiently use BOME. I’d just prefer to avoid having to write rules like:
"If CC5 reads 0-10, if CC6 reads 0-10, if CC7 reads 127, if CC8 reads 127, than output value 10 to channel 16 to CC4-CC8 (which would be set to a light blue).
Especially because I’d have to write 127 rules like that to have an effective color feedback.