Mac crash/freeze when leaving controller plugged in?

Anyone else using a Mac and finding that your machine crashes if you leave it on with your controller plugged in for a long time?

This has never really been an issue before, but my Mac keeps freezing while I’m not using it; when I come back, it’s completely unresponsive (though I notice the USB power still seems to be there, so it’s not fully crashed). I’m not positive it’s the controller (wasn’t able to get much out of the crash logs), but I’ve never really had this issue before, and it stopped when I started unplugging the controller when I was done.

Just curious if anyone else has seen this. I’m on a 2014 Mac Mini, running OS 10.14.6.

Hi @mike!
That one is strange! I have a 2009 MacPro also running 10.14.6. I leave the computer on for months and with multiple controllers attached. I haven’t run into any issues.

There was a report of some issue with power management under mac (a hotfix is coming with the next firmware update), but this seems something else.

But let’s see if someone else is having the same problem.

of course I have many things attached to my machine, so it could be something else. but it seemed to start with the controller :frowning: I’ll update if I figure anything out

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I have had a few occasions where the Mac wont start up with the controller attached. Its very odd and I cant replicate it reliably. I suspect something related to the fact that the controller sometimes shuts down in mac boot up process? Also could be related to some USB power thing. Macs have always seemed to struggle with USB power…! But on proabbly 3 occasions, my trashcan mac just wouldnt start up, and an each occasion, when I un-plugged the controller, it started up fine. very odd…