Make "MIDI Monitor" and "Auto Select Card" more prominent/one click

Since you have to click this on every page load, and I kinda get why you might not want this to be default…

Can you just give us three buttons, “MIDI Monitor”, “Auto Select Card” and “Toggle both MIDI/Auto” at the top of Kilowhat, please?

(maybe you want to be less artistic and make it fit the general theme better than my big red boxes… I’ll yield the artistic license… :wink: )

But it’s be more convenient if I could just punch “auto select card”, and let’s be honest, I always punch midi monitor too, so just making a button that does both would be super helpful.


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MIDI monitor is going to OFF by default soon.

Your idea is good though! Make them available at all times.

Jaja! Ok, nice idea, I will add it to the list.

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Just adding a small idea about this request: I’m thinking that this could also turn into a “remember preferences” feature based on your IP or something.

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YES! I would love a “remember preferences” option.

But I was also considering it’s nice not having to login. Because you’d really probably want that tied to an account rather than just an IP/Cookie…

Then again, might be a cool feature to offer “cloud” backups… How big can a config file get?

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Yep, that’s a cool idea, actually now when you select to load the “default config” its a cloud back up. So it’s not so far fetched. Added as a feature request.