Mapping the joystick in an effective way in Ableton

Hello! I finally received my Yaeltex that I intend to use as a real-time fx controller for playing live, using Ableton.

I want to be able to use the joystick for different things, and change between these things on the fly. For example, having up/down be “FX1” and right/left be “FX2” and then switch them independently.

I started to play around with splitting the joystick in Kilowhat and then having each direction control a macro knob. That seemed like a good starting point but then I needed to make sure two Chains doesn’t make sound at the same time and then the Effect Rack starts to get a bit messy.

I imagine people in this forum has built similar setups? It would be great to hear how you did it!

Thank you in advance!

Look inside Moldover’s set, the are some clever gems inside that one for working with joysticks and Fx’s.
“Dual Joystick meta mapper” is the m4l device you want to find.