MIDI clocks missing

I am trying to monitor midi clocks coming in to my Yaeltex controller and I’m not seeing them. My software is monitoring the Hachi midi in, and I have it set to copy DIN and USB midi in to both midi outs. When I monitor midi messages, I see notes and controllers, but no midi realtime at all – no start, stop, or timing clock.

For comparison, I’m using the same setup to monitor another device (Launchpad) and I can see the realtime messages there. Java on Mac has some issues with midi realtime, but this isn’t that.

Hi @mike!

We haven’t yet implemented the handlers for these messages (clock, play, stop), since we weren’t yet planning to use them.

We can try to squeeze them in for v0.15. So there’ll be a function that will be called when these messages arrive to the controller, but implementing functionality for them will be on your side, for now.

I’ll keep you updated!

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Ah, okay. Well put it on the ever-growing feature request list. :slight_smile:

I’ll assume I’m getting my clocks from a separate midi interface for now. I think I have to do the same for my midi output – in order to make sure I don’t echo my own commands back to myself, I’ll need to put the controller input and output on separate channels which will use up 4 channels just for control.