MIDI feedback and RGB values

Working on it… I replied in that thread

Added as feature request. :wink:

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I got the firmware building and was able to install a different color palette.

as I mentioned, it’s basically 2 bits red, 2 bits green, 3 bits blue. I should be able to write a simple function that just takes a full RGB color and reduces it to 0…127, so I don’t need to keep a lookup table.

The code I uploaded earlier was wrong. I’ll upload my actual types.h
types.h (16.6 KB)


:heart_eyes: looks beautiful already! glad you were able to put your own palette in Hachi

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Update: I wasn’t getting quite the results I wanted from trying to compute my 7-bit colors from full RGB values, so I switched to a palette where colors 0-63 are based on 2 bits each of red, green, and blue, while the upper colors (particularly 96-118 at the moment) are hand-picked colors for a decent palette (bright and dim versions of red, orange, yellow etc, plus several grays from black to white). if anyone wants it, I can upload a copy.