Modular/"Reconfigurable" Chassis

Ok, so on the topic dreaming wild dreams… :smiley:

I’m kinda curious how hard it would be to make these modular/“reconfigurable”… O.O

So today I want my volume faders at the bottom of my controller… but it would be cool if they could easily pop out, and be at the top of my controller tomorrow! Or turn them sideways and make them a stack of xfaders!

I feel like that would add a whole host of new challenges… For one you’d need some kind of quick-disconnect… Maybe each control would need to remember its “identity”… I suppose you could do this on the software side and just remember hardware ID if it was some kind of UUID/WWN… or maybe “slot 1, column 1” is always Channel 0… Also you’d need to design an image that could be infinitely reconfigured and still be a cohesive image… I guess a simple repeating pattern could work…

Anyway, mostly thinking out loud here.


Livid did something on those lines some years ago. Kind of an eurorack. It wasn’t that beautiful but it was kind of cool. I think it didn’t worked as a product though.

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The modular arrangement is an interesting feature that might be tested sometime in the future.

We look forward to testing and play around prototyping these types of things as part of our Interface-Lab projects.

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