Motorized Faders one day? :)

My first Yaeltex got me hooked on midi control !
I use mine as a looping station controller for Ableton, controlling tons of VSTs plus loopers. Works like a charm. The bank feature is HUGE.

Next would be to design a custom controller for my DAW, for mixing. The missing link is motorized faders.
It sorta can work even without it, but it would be 20 times more useful with motorization. To recall previous mixes, to work with automation etc…

Is that something at all in the potential pipeline for the future or is there a fundamental design roadblock that would make it non doable?

One way for now would be to use the Encoders, as they do give feedback, but that doesn’t seem nearly as playable and accurate.


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Hey @GC1981
Thanks for the input!

Motor faders are definitely in the pipeline and we also think they would be a super cool addition to the system.